3D Crowd Weekly Update – 18th May – 145k+ Face Shields Distributed

3D Crowd Weekly Update – 18th May – 145k+ Face Shields Distributed

Whether you’ve been with 3D Crowd since the start (has it really only been 8 weeks?), a new member, thinking of joining or donating. We wanted to share our latest newsletter for anyone who is interested in what 3D Crowd is doing to continue to provide Face Shields to the NHS and frontline workers across the UK.

Thank you to our 8000+ volunteers for all you are collectively doing to share our story, 3D print, assemble, clean, co-ordinate and distribute face shields to the frontline.

None of us imagined we’d be needed for so long but thank goodness you have stayed the distance so we can keep supplying those in need.

This week

  • We reached an incredible milestone of 145,000 face shields delivered
  • £140,000+ has now been raised through Go Fund Me
  • This doesn’t include all the amazing local fundraising efforts and personal donations of time, filament, cars and vans etc. As well as donations from businesses. A big thank you to everyone who has donated but isn’t directly in the Go Fund Me total. We couldn’t do this without you.

You’ve helped us get noticed by the press – including one volunteer featuring this week on ITV news


Three new channels on slack, this week:
#marketing – To share ideas for promoting 3D Crowd
#funding_support – For anyone who can help with writing funding applications
#filament_reimbursement – Please direct any questions here regarding filament reimbursement

Shout outs

  • Makers + Coordinators for your resilience and perseverance
  • DPD and Bike Shed for all those free deliveries
  • Interfrigo coldstore in Antrim have donated 60kg of PLA for printers in NI
  • Cleaning hubs (for all the time spent elbow deep in Milton)
  • GAMA Healthcare for 864 packs of wipes for free
  • Admiral have donated £5k to our sister group in Wales


It’s not too late to join the group of volunteers who are putting together a music video of Bonnie Tyler’s classic, Holding out for a Hero, featuring you, our hero volunteers, and your 3D printers, we are told that it is in the style of the recently released BBC Lockdown Orchestra. Want to know more?

Take a look at the #music-makers channel on slack – there’s still time to check the shot list and lipsync a few lines. Deadline for submissions via slack channel #music-makers – end of day Monday 18th May. Rumour also has it that someone is speaking to her agent to see if they can get Bonnie’s blessing, so don’t get too excited just yet, but they might be the hero we’ve been holding out for. (pun intended)

What’s next?

As we mentioned last week, we are pausing reimbursements until we have received more donations. We are so grateful for those of you able to continue printing if you are in a position to do so.

 As part of our call to arms, we need you to continue asking people to donate, this is still a focus for the week ahead. Here’s some ideas:

  • Share what you are doing with 3DCrowd and encourage them to give what they can to cover the cost of a few face shields via the Go Fund Me campaign
  • Ask a couple of people to gift what they used to spend on take out coffee or a night in the pub via Go Fund Me
  • We also love this video by Jimmy, one of our amazing 3D Crowd volunteers, capturing the huge efforts by our 3D printing warriors – it’s easy to share on social media and it has already been watched over 4,000 times across our social media channels 🙂
  • Post some flyers through a letterbox or in your window, like one put together by Justin and posted in the #funding_support channel on slack 

BSI regulations

Many of you have had questions about the impact of recent guidance from the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) guidance for businesses supplying PPE. Rest assured we meet the new criteria as outlined in our SOP. If you need a refresher – please have a read of the latest SOPs on the website.

The guidance from OPSS requires:

  1. We have a CE mark application in process (we do)
  2. We have confirmation from BSI that they are processing the application (we do)
  3. BSI is aware we are supplying this design to healthcare works while the application is under review (it is)

We now have a letter from BSI confirming that they are processing our application as fast as they can. If you get any push back from anyone at all, when following up orders, then please relay this information and if you get further push-back from a Trust or official body please contact Tash Reilly on Slack.

Thanks again for all you are doing. Stay in touch and keep reading and adding to #3dcrowd_stories_contribution channel on slack, for others to see what’s happening around the country.

The 3DCrowd Team