#MeetTheMakers – Soumil Sahjpall – 13 – Mill Hill

#MeetTheMakers – Soumil Sahjpall – 13 – Mill Hill

  Soumil Sahjpall
Age:  13
Where are you based? Mill Hill
Your local hub/coordinator: Michael Noonan

3D Crowd

What inspired you to get involved with 3DCrowd?

I had a spare 3d printer as a birthday present, and after finding out from Michael Noonan, that 3d printing could help the NHS I got printing right away. So it was mostly that, if I could help people out there, who are at risk working for the community, then I would help them.

What has been the best thing about being a part of the 3DCrowd?

The ability to go out, and deliver masks to people who need them and see them being happy – gives you a sense of happiness
What’s been the hardest thing? Sourcing funding – as one mask costs around £2 including elastic and a visor, and I’ve printed several hundred of them

3D Printing

What printer do you use?

Started off with an Ender 3 pro, and bought an Anet a8 and cr-10s clone with me and my sister’s birthday money

What’s your preferred material and why?

PET-G as it’s strong and adheres well to the printer bed

How many do you make in a week?

I have outputted up to 150 in a week – but I printed all night

How many have you made so far?

Approx 700

What got you interested in 3D Printing?

I liked doing computer aided design, and the idea of printing whatever you liked seemed pretty cool to me – Originally used it to print handy items and doctor who models

What keeps you going when the printers playing up?

Well, I just want to get back printing, and getting the printer fixed after a fault gives me a sense of satisfaction

What’s been a highlight so far?

When I delivered 100 masks to Barnet Hospital – I can only imagine how many people would’ve been helped.

And a low point/toughest bit?

Well, I ran out of filament and was unable to print anything for roughly a week

What’s the best thing you’ve ever made on your 3D printer? Or what would you love to make once you have more time?

I’d say a dalek model was the coolest thing I’ve ever printed – it was one of the first things I printed, and it looked so realistic. If I had more time, I’d probably try print custom items for myself such as self-designed boxes or toys

How do you see the future for 3D printing?  What areas would  you like to get involved in?

I think that the future for 3D printing is a bright one – as people can turn their ideas into reality and it can really help the industry to mass produce items at a whim – like what has happened here at 3d crowd. In the future I’d like to get involved in the engineering industry – and 3d printing would definitely play a huge factor in prototyping designs etc.

How have you used the community connections

Several people were interested in getting face shields for their surgeries/ practices, and I referred them to the 3d crowd site where they could then get a proper supply

How has slack worked for you. Any black holes

Slack is a great tool, as it organised all of us people unaware of what to do into sections for our local areas, and had pages with guidelines and rules to help us out.

You and lockdown

What are your other interests and hobbies, what do you do to wind down?  Usually, and how is that different in the lockdown?

I guess my usual hobbies are coding, and flying drones. I can still do both of those in lockdown, so I’m pretty happy with that!

How have you been coping with your mental wellbeing during the new normal?

I’ve been getting used to lockdown, and having something to do such as printing face shields really helps as it gives you something to do in spare time while helping the community.

Have your relationships with your friends and family changed? Have you got closer or more isolated?

Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to stay in close contact with all my friends, and I’d say that my relationships with them are still fine

Whats your favourite thing about lockdown?

Having a free timetable, I guess. I can do my maths work in advance, and if I have something important to do I can simply shift my work to another time of day

What’s the worst?

I guess being stuck at home, as you feel like you can’t really go out into the outside world

How do you think society will be different when we return to the old life?

I feel like society will be much more cautious so that pandemics won’t happen again, and I think people will be much more glad that they are able to go out and socialize as it isn’t something we should take for granted.

Have you changed your views on how the world could and should be different?

Not really – I think the world is running fine as people come together to combat this pandemic and maybe, if something had to be changed maybe the preparation for possible issues should be better.

What is your opinion on how the UK have handled the PPE crisis?

I think that the UK handled the PPE crisis well, as many companies and communities came together to help supply PPE to all those who need it. The government made the correct steps to bring the virus under control and has been really thoughtful about the public.

In what way do you feel valued, useful, motivated by the crisis? 

I think that it gives me a purpose, and something to do where I can help people. I feel that this makes me much more happy as I am doing some good despite being isolated at home.

What one thing would you like to see change after this pandemic subsides?

I’d say maybe better preparation for pandemics – better medical tools and have production lines ready to start mass producing PPE at the hint of a virus.

Who are your heroes in life?

I’d say Elon Musk and Bill Gates – as they help people all the time and have contributed to huge advances in the technology sector.