We’ve raised our Go Fund Me target to £250,000 to meet demand

We’ve raised our Go Fund Me target to £250,000 to meet demand

Six weeks after this community grew from nothing, we’ve 3D Printed and dispatched 130,000 face shields. This is an amazing achievement by a community, many of whom have never met each other, though hopefully, many will have made friends for life. We thank each one of them for their commitment and perseverance to make a difference.

None of our 8000 volunteers had no idea how long they would be needed for, The Big Print and many other local initiatives have helped raise much-needed awareness and donations.  Sadly, we are still needed by front line workers to provide essential PPE across the UK, so we have now raised our funding target from £160,000 to £250,000 to better reflect the money we need to meet the urgent demand that is still out there from the NHS and care homes.

In our feature image. Another 614 face shields, 12 orders, and 100+ miles down. Multiple care homes, medical practices and one hospital provided with much-needed face shields. Sam even had time for a well-deserved lunge.

We need your support and donations more than ever until the traditional PPE supply chain catches up with demand, something we had hoped would have happened by now. The COVID-19 crisis is not over, but there’s now hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel. This is not the time to take anything for granted or to take our foot off the gas. We need your support and donations to ensure that we can continue to do our bit to support the people who are looking after those who need it most. Many of our volunteers have donated a huge amount of their time, space, 3D printers, cars, vans, bikes, and their own money.



With the Government announcing on Sunday 10th May that any movement from level 4 to level 3 must also include a stable supply of PPE to meet demand as one of their 5 key criteria. We still have open high priority orders for splash shields (face shields) currently standing at over 69,000, so it is clear that we are still very much needed to help supply front line NHS and care home workers in your local area and across the UK.


The scale and scope of the amazing 3D Crowd community has changed rapidly over the last 6 weeks and it will likely keep evolving until the traditional PPE supply chain and manufacturing industry has finally caught up. Until then, and with your continued support we will keep on 3D printing, assembling, and distributing face shields to the front line workers who need them most.

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Thank you and stay safe.

For the price of about 3 Starbucks coffees, we can 3D print, assemble, and deliver 5 face shields. Please donate via Go Fund Me.