We are using 3D Printing to create lasting change

We are a thriving community of makers and problem solvers. Together we are delivering solutions and education to people who need it.

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The 3D Crowd community is open to anyone who is interested in 3D printing at all levels and helping others, not just the 8,000+ volunteers who made 200,000 face shields.

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Do you have a project large or small that would require a team of 3D printers to make items that would help to change lives?  Please get in touch with our projects team. 

Our Current Projects

We support projects in various ways. These can supported by our own fund raising, directly by the makers or paid for by the charity/organisation. 

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to help to make a real difference locally and globally.

We were born out of the desperate need to create PPE for the NHS. In only 3 months we 3D Printed, assembled and distributed over 200,000 Face Shields.

The 3D Crowd community of volunteers now supports local, national and global campaigns where we believe we can make a real difference.


Raised for projects.


Potential volunteers available to help.

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Born out of the need to create face shields for the NHS. 3D Crowd now support local, national and global campaigns in other ways.
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We are constantly reviewing projects to support our local, national and global communities. 

Making For People and

Causes That YOU Care About!

Making prosthetic limbs for children

Requires advanced level involvement, but one that is perhaps the most rewarding as makers will see their efforts in action 

Project Tetra

We are supporting Tetra Bio Distributed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating open-source solutions to cost-prohibitive medical technology

Making Face Shields for our frontline care home workers

Many care homes are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic. Many are struggling to balance PPE needs with costs


Our Activity

What We Do

3D Crowd is built on three core pillars. 3D Printing – Community – Eduction. 

3D Printing

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and a variety of skill levels. Each project is run by an experienced project lead to manage our distributed manufacturing process.


Our community is what defines us and motivates us to do more and do it better. Without our community, we never would have been able to distribute 200,000 face shields.


We look to provide devolved education for community members by our members but also provide video and face to face education for STEM and BAME causes across the UK.

What Our Volunteers Say

What has been the best thing about being a part of the 3DCrowd?

The quality, leadership, and organisation of the group is first class. I have told everyone I know that it is amazing that 8,000 volunteers can be brought together with such cohesion in such a short time. The level of control in planning, distribution, funding and support is such a high level.
Andy Perrin
3D Crowd Volunteer

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Have A Question?

While all organisations have overheads, 3D Crowd is run by a community of passionate volunteers who provide their time and expertise for free. As much as possible of your donation will be put towards effectively delivering the project and reimbursing the makers. You can choose to donate to our central fund and this will be distributed as required, or donate to a particular campaign.

In short, you don’t until you ask and we investigate its viability. If viabile, we will assign you a project coordinator and ask our community to sign up to the project. 

If you have a 3D printer, or even if you don’t, you can sign up to become a member of the 3D Crowd community and volunteer. We require volunteers from all walks of life to help us make a difference. 

We welcome new positive members to the 3D Crowd community regardless of whether you would like to volunteer for projects or not and just want to be part of a community of people with a passion for 3D printing. 

We are still working on this part of our mission, However, many of our community include key people at Schools, Colleges and Universities. We want to actively support STEM and BAME initatives across the UK and potentially globally if there is demand. Get in touch if you have an idea or a need. Watch our recent 3D Crowd Talks for ideas and inspiration.  

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